EMuck Guest Access

Please feel free to drop by and see what EMuck is like with our guest character access! We currently offer telnet access by connecting via telnet to game.emuck.com 6903. If your software cannot resolve that domain name, you might be able to connect using the IP address, which changes occasionally, but is currently

There are better programs for accessing EMuck, such as a specially written MU* client for your platform. We have a list of MU* resources, including clients, available.

Finally, we have a web gateway that might be able to connect people that are stuck behind firewalls at work or at school (please find out your network administrators' policies of using a web proxy server in this fashion).


Once you connect using one of the methods described above, you should see our login screen, which varies a bit from time to time, but generally looks like this:

            EntertainMUCK DM-0-15.22b -- An AmberThree Production
                    ___             _   _   ___     _   _
                   (  _`\  /'\_/`\ ( ) ( ) (  _`\  ( ) ( )
                   | ( (_) |     | | | | | | ( (_) | |/'/'
                   |  ) _  | (_) | | | | | | |  _  | , <  
                   | (_( ) | | | | | (_) | | (_( ) | |\`\ 
                   (____/' (_) (_) (_____) (____/' (_) (_)

          Welcome to EntertainMUCK -- Where YOU are the Star!

                   Need help connecting?  Type:  help

EntertainMuck is private property.  Membership is by application, and by
entering the Muck, you agree to abide by all system rules.  EMuck also
reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  All construction and
actions on EMuck are the responsibility of the players involved.  Please
send email to emuck@[...] for more information about EntertainMuck.

                                                [last update 24 February 1999]
EntertainMuck (emuck) login:

If you don't see this screen, refer to our connecting guide for more help.

Once you see this login screen, you can login as a guest by typing connect guest guest at the EMuck login prompt. You will then be connected to one of our guest characters. You should see a bunch of lines, ending with something that looks like this:

You have no mail
You are a 'guest' character.  You can temporarily rename yourself by typing:
@RENAME some_new_name      (within reason!)
Welcome Center Lounge(#100RA)
  Welcome to EntertainMuck!  The folks here at EMuck hope your visit with us is
pleasant and entertaining!  You are now relaxing in the Welcome Center Lounge.
Read the helpful room contents by following the directions indicated below.
For EMuck tips, type TUTORIAL.  Afterwards, to explore EntertainMuck, type EWC
(which means EMuck Welcome Center) and continue learning more about us.  Items
dropped in this room go to the EMuck Welcome Center.  Enjoy!  Welcome to EMuck!
  To talk to another character in the same place you are, type SAY (message).
      Example: say hello there -- people in this room will see "hello there"!

 [EWC] EMuck Welcome Center, [QUIT] to log-off, [CHAT] Mickey's Cyber
 [Stage] Door, [P]olitically [I]ncorrect (PI)
 Apartment Directions (type LOOK APARTMENT to read),
 GUEST TUTORIAL (type TUTORIAL for an interactive tutorial),
 NOTICE for regular characters (type LOOK NOTICE to read), Present,
 Rules of the Mouse

Once you are online, you can try the following commands:

And on... to infinity!

Connecting as a guest is fun, but it is a bit limiting, since our security policy doesn't allow guests to access certain features of our system that could possibly be abused. If you want to enhance your EMuck experience, you might want to consider becoming a member with your own personalized login name and password. Our registration is free, and available to just about anybody by following this link.